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​Victoria Burnham

​​​Hi! I'm Tori. I have 3 cats, love to cook, and am a bit of a gym rat. Oh! And i am very passionate about creating art... thats probably why you're here :)

i am based in Manchester, Connecticut and work out of a newly completed private studio at my home.

I studied painting and ceramics at the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, Earning my Bachelor of Fine arts in 2017. Following graduation, i had the honor of being selected for a year long artist residency at the Guilford Art Center in Guilford, Connecticut, and then taught ceramics at the studio for a year following.

The ceramic work I create links composite forms with color and decoration, resulting in whimsical, functional work. I have fun creating unique and refined forms with visually and physically textured surfaces. as both a Potter and a painter, I enjoy creating color relationships with underglaze and glaze.

My paintings use figures and snapshots from my life that hold importance, yet the manner in which they are painted communicate the uncertainty of relying on memory.  With overlap and line work I am able to create a hierarchy of importance, while bending the generalized rules set onto figure painting, and abstraction.